Did you know we are an eco-friendly carwash?

Washing your car in the driveway may get your car clean, but the untreated wastewater can also run off into storm drains which flows into our rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands; where it can degrade water quality and poison aquatic life. The average home-brewed car wash uses more than 500 gallons of water, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

At Berkeley Touchless Carwash, on the other hand, we use around 32 gallons of water per car. After the captured water filters through our sediment containment system, we send this recycled water through high-pressure nozzles and pumps to help minimize water use. This helps us recycle 70% of our water to get your car clean. We are also required by the 1972 Clean Water Act to drain wastewater into a sewer system, where it gets treated before it’s flushed back into the ecosystem.

Green is to become better stewards of our environment and we strive to be a green-oriented car wash business. We only use milder chemicals certified to be safer for our environment. We have also invested in a variable speed vacuum and air blower controls to lessen our peak use of energy consumption from PG&E.

Please help us in the effort to keep our ecosystem healthy, and minimize pollution to our water and the bay! By washing your car at Berkeley Touchless Carwash, not only are you saving water, you’re helping to keep the environment clean!